Handheld Gaming

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Handheld game consoles

  • Nintendo Game Boy (DMG-01)
  • Nintendo Game Boy Advance
  • Nintendo 3DS
  • Tiger Electronics R-Zone

LCD handheld games

  • CGL Galaxy Invader 1000
  • CGL Grand Prix
  • CGL Puck Monster
  • Grandstand BMX Burner
  • Grandstand Invader from Space
  • Konami Top Gun (1989)
  • Systema Pirate

Non-LCD handheld games

  • MB Electronics Pocket Simon
  • TOMY Copter Combat



  • Casio Scientific Calculator fx-82c c1989
  • Casio Super-FX fx-85v c1990
  • Sinclair Cambridge Memory (type 2) Cased. c1975