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Rogue's ZX81
Rogue's Second ZX81


I must admit, I don't really know much about the ZX81. It was a bit before my time. I personally grew up on the later 48K/128K/+3 Spectrums.

So why do I have one in my collection? Well, I picked this computer up purely by accident at auction. I was bidding on, what I thought was, a Sinclair Spectrum 48K bundle (with some games, books and magazines). After I won the lot and opened it up for a closer look I found this little ZX81 buried deep inside. An unexpected bonus. It worked too, although I didn't expect a monochrome display!

It came with a few extras; add-on keyboard, 16K RAM module, joysticks, and a few games. The strangest/most interesting one being "X-Men" by Amba Software.


  1. 21st March 2016 - Purchased for £20 at auction, along with a ZX Spectrum (boxed!) with games, software and magazines. Bargain!!!
  2. 11th Oct 2020 - Purchased a second ZX81 at auction (along with a boxed ZX), mainly for the 'outer sleeve' for a ZX81 box. A bit sad... but for a mere £48 I couldn't resist.

Games & Software

  • 1K Games - Artic Computing Ltd : [1]
  • Cassette 50 - Cascade Games : [2]
  • Football Manager - Addictive Games : [3]
  • QS Defenda - Quicksilva : [4]
  • Reversi (also known as Othello) - Moi : [5]
  • Spectrum Special 2 - Shiva Publishing : [6]
  • Star Soccer - Watson Software Services Ltd : [7]
  • VU-CALC - Psion Software Ltd : [8]
  • X-Men - Amba Software (Can't find anywhere?!?)

Future Plans

I hope to restore/refurbish the ZX81 at some point. It's looking a little tired.

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